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Introducing our powerful new Profile Builder Tool


One of the most common pieces of feedback we get from customers around the challenges they face using traditional digital tender marketplaces is how difficult it is to identify relevant opportunities.

The Problem.

Account & notification preferences were often ineffective in recommending suitable contracts, with the problem being that it is often hard to know what is the best combination of keywords and categories to add to your profile. Our mission was to create a solution that would allow our customers to define with a greater level of specification and clarity the sorts of tenders they are seeing on a regular basis.

Enter our powerful new Profile Builder Tool.

Profile builder

Compare & Contrast.

Profile Builder will allow you to test combinations and create the best set of keywords, categories and regions for your business - Seeing live results for each combination as you go. It's process of trial and error, and your preferences may evolve - profile builder allows you to customise and regularly update your preferences to match the evolving nature of your business. Profile preferences are also set at a user level allowing personalisation across verticals and specialisations.




Stay Relevant.

Exclusionary search also allows you to exclude similar terms that may appear when searching for particular keywords. For example, if I am an Architect, I may want to look at excluding the word Software so that I don't see tenders for Software Architecture. This will allow you to see more of the tenders you want, and less of the ones you don't.

Pro tip: Liking and disliking tenders will train the recommendation engine to serve better suggestions.



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