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Empower your organisation to prepare and plan procurements that deliver the greatest possible outcome. Intuitive, easily customisable and built with all users in mind - regardless of their procurement experience.

Procurement planning
Key Features

Run a compliant procurement process no matter your sector, country or industry.

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    Streamlined planning process

    Forward planning allows you to achieve greater strategic objectives through procurement.

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    Makes compliance easy

    Compliant with all major standards including the open contracting data standards (OCDS), the electronic documents standard (PEPPOL) and the CIPS Global Standard for Procurement and Supply.

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    Your policy guide establishes whether a sourcing event triggers a planning process based on the amount and attributes that matter to your organisation.

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    Guided workflows

    Empower internal stakeholders to run policy compliant, effective procurements regardless of their level of experience.

Procurement Planning

Document your procurement plan in a simple, easy to follow format

Create thorough and compliant procurement plans that document the process, objectives and outcomes of any procurement.

  • Dashboard
  • Evaluation Panel
  • Overview
  • Weighted Questions
Evaluation Panel
Weighted Questions
Key Features

Plan for success through a broader lens

  • Market Analysis

    Develop your understanding of market conditions to ensure the best possible approach is taken with every procurement.

  • Project dashboards

    Track and manage your procurements with modular dashboards and reporting, giving you greater insight into the progress of your projects

  • Broader outcomes

    Cotiss empowers organisations to look beyond the traditional lens of cost and quality by championing broader outcomes during the procurement planning process.

  • Risk management

    Manage financial, operational and legal risks from the outset and maintain an overview throughout the entire procurement.

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