How did Cotiss come to be?

A world where anyone, anywhere can effortlessly unlock the power of procurement for their organisation. 

Our motivation

We see the challenges people in procurement face from a fresh perspective.This allows us to create innovative solutions that deliver previously unimagined value. 

Our why

Solving the current problem

The time, cost and risks associated with traditional manual procurement processes serve as a significant barrier to achieving the strategic objectives of a modern procurement.

With Cotiss, you and your organisation are empowered by our simple yet powerful end-to-end procurement suite. 

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    Outdated methods

    Existing procurement solutions just aren't fit for most organizations - currently the majority of procurement is not serviced with a specialized software.

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    Third-party integrations

    Procurement teams typically waste time on manual administration or attempt to integrate a number of different systems that are completely independent.

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    High time and cost investment

    End-to-end procurement software is typically built for larger teams. It's complex, requires a high level of implementation and is as a result is extremely expensive.

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    Spreadsheets and email

    As a result small and medium procurement teams are forced to revert to using a collection of policy documents, spreadsheets and emails.

What we value

It’s about our people

A world class product needs a world class team. And that's what we've got.
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    Our people are our greatest asset. We firmly believe that our team is the foundation on which everything is built; it is an essential core value of the company.
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    When you choose to work with Cotiss you quickly discover why we're different from the rest. We believe in fostering a workplace culture that values high standards, collaboration, and support.

We know it all starts with our team.

We hire for talent & skill - but most importantly, attitude.


At Cotiss, we’re always asking what’s next. Meet the people leading us into the future.
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    John Gregoriadis

    Head of Engineering

  • Ashley

    Ashley Keen

    Principal Product Designer

  • Matt_O

    Matt O’Halloran

    Founder & Chief Product Officer

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    Harrison Martin

    Global Markets Lead

  • Matt_W

    Matthew Whiting

    Founder & Co-CEO

  • Harry

    Harry Wilde

    Founder & Co-CEO

What we value

It’s about our tech

Modern procurement requires modern tools to achieve the best possible outcomes.
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    Modern Forward Thinking

    We use the latest tools and web services to deliver cutting edge solutions, not only for today, but tomorrow as well.

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    Customer Driven

    Our products are designed in close collaboration with our customers. Solving their problems is at our core.

Our investors

We are backed by several of Australasia’s largest venture capital firms and industry advisors, allowing us to draw on a wide and varied range of expertise. 

We're unreasonably picky about our team - our investors included. It's made up of experienced investors, savvy entrepreneurs and industry experts, bringing years of experience to a young company. They are a strong culture fit and work tirelessly to help our team scale, grow and succeed.

If you're interested in getting in touch regarding investment please reach out to

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