cotiss-logo-intro supplier relationship management

Cotiss introduces comprehensive functionality to help you mitigate vendor risks, and streamline communication with suppliers. Our simple to use platform allows your suppliers to easily onboard and maintain their records over time. 

Key Features

Generate compliant documents and workflows to deliver maximum value with minimum risk.

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    Performance Tracking

    Stay on top of your supplier base with real-time data reporting and supplier scorecarding.

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    Performance Insights

    Check the pulse of your suppliers with a wide variety of questionnaires for tracking performance and overall satisfaction.

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    Notifications & Reminders

    Automated reminders sent to your suppliers ensure you maintain the most up to date and compliant records possible.

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    Custom checklists

    Set up custom checklists to ensure all stakeholders complete due diligence tasks as required.

Supplier Relationship Management

Deeper insights across broader metrics. 

Manage your supplier relationships more effectively with our SRM tools.

  • Supplier Profiles
Supplier Profiles
Why Cotiss

Supplier performance is more than just cost and quality of service. Gain a more holistic understanding of your suppliers and the benefits that they bring. 

Key Features

Combat traditional tender processes with our modern, easy to use platform

  • Machine Learning

    Unlike traditional, manual methods of data gathering, Cotiss' machine learning tools create and regularly update complete supplier profiles, so you have accurate, real-time data at your fingertips. This ensures your procurement process is operating to its fullest potential. 

  • Industry Specific Compliance

    Detailed analytics by industry, requirement or certification type. This information is maintained and updated once annually by suppliers - meaning less work for them and accurate reliable data at your fingertips.

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