Best practice procurement. Simplified.

The world's easiest to use, end-to-end procurement software for small to medium procurement teams. We instil guided, best practice processes into organisations through an easy to implement, integrated, single solution.

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Our mission

A world where anyone, anywhere can effortlessly unlock the power of procurement for their organisation.

Our products

A fully integrated suite of procurement products 

Streamline your source to contract process with our intuitive and simple to use tools, allowing your organisation to unlock the power of procurement. 
  • Procurement Planning
  • Sourcing & Evaluation
  • Contract & Risk Management 
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • for suppliers
Procurement Planning

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Empower your organisation to prepare and plan procurements that deliver the greatest possible outcome. Intuitive, easily customisable and built with all users in mind - regardless of their procurement experience.

Key features:

Streamlined planning process

Makes compliance easy

Automated workflows


Sourcing & Evaluation

Frame 40798  sourcing & evaluation

Simple and intuitive E-Tendering tools to help you uncover the best supplier for the job. Cotiss guides internal stakeholders through the correct purchasing journey based on the costs and attributes that matter to your organisation.

Key features:

Listing Creation

Insights & Analytics

Evaluation Methodologies

Tender Evaluation

Contract & Risk Management 

Frame 40798  contract & risk management

Our contract repository allows you to track and monitor your existing contracts whilst never missing a renewal ever again. Generate compliant documents and workflows to deliver maximum value with minimum risk.

Key features:

Contract Management

Master Templates

Simplified Awarding

Custom Risk Settings

Supplier Relationship Management

Frame 40798  supplier relationship management

Stay on top of your supplier relationships with custom supplier lists, overviews of responses & engagement to tenders & communicate directly via the forum. View performance history and connect with new suppliers via their profiles. 

Key features:

Supplier Lists

Notifications & Reminders

Custom Checklists

Performance Tracking

for suppliers

Frame 40798  for suppliers

With custom tools powered by machine learning, performance reporting, bid writing support, and supplier profiles, Cotiss levels the playing field and empowers suppliers to succeed in the tender market.

Key features:

Access exclusive opportunities

Project management

Certification management

Completely free!

Our core value

What matters to us, is what we can enable for others

By streamlining the procurement process, we can ensure that public & private resources are being used effectively, efficiently & fairly.

This benefits everyone, as it frees up resources for other high value projects and ensures that services are delivered at a high standard

It also fosters more transparent and accountable governments & organisations, which builds trust with the public. 

It ensures funds are more likely to be distributed to under privileged and underrepresented groups. 

Overall, improving procurement is a necessary step towards building a better future for all.

Our principles

Optimising procurement practices with contemporary values

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    Guided best practice process’.

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    Modern, intuitive, customer focused design.

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    Fast improving platform with continuous development.

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    Integrated, single solution.

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    Seamless, easy onboarding.


Together we can build something that will have a global impact