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Cotiss levels the playing field and empowers suppliers to succeed in the tender market. Cotiss simplifies the tendering process, making it more accessible for suppliers to find and win new business opportunities across a variety of sectors. Suppliers can register for free.

Why Cotiss

Our mission is to level the playing field for businesses of all sizes by simplifying the tendering process

Key Features

Tools that enable you to bid smarter, not harder

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    Machine Learning-Powered

    Cotiss offers custom tools powered by machine learning to deliver the best tender opportunities. The machine learning algorithms provide tender recommendations tailored to the user's needs, reducing the amount of irrelevant tenders seen by users.

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    Levelling the Playing Field

    Cotiss empowers suppliers with the ability to find new opportunities and win more business regardless of their experience in the tender market. It offers support to suppliers to help them achieve their business goals, and offers assistance to suppliers that may lack bid writing skills.

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    Performance Reporting

    Cotiss offers performance reporting tools that allow suppliers to understand how they perform against the rest of the market. These tools enable suppliers to showcase value beyond cost and quality.

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    Bid Writing

    Cotiss's digital submission forms and workspaces save time and effort by pre-populating commonly required information and answers from past responses. It simplifies the bid writing process and makes it easier for suppliers to submit tenders.

For Suppliers

Levelling the playing field for suppliers

Cotiss's supplier profiles allow suppliers to showcase their capabilities, certifications, and testimonials from previous clients. The profiles act as a shop window for suppliers to showcase their skills to potential buyers.

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